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Younger Businesses Shunning High Street Banks

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The finance market is ever-changing particularly among younger, more modern businesses who are shunning the traditional High Street banks in favour of alternative finance providers.

This the finding of survey of 512 small businesses carried out by ThinCats, a fintech lender to mid-sized SMEs.

The survey found that of businesses less than ten years old, only 32% would consider their bank to be their first port of call. This contrasts with businesses over 35 years old where 71% would default to their main bank. When it comes to working with an alternative finance provider, 23% of younger businesses are more likely to feel comfortable with this approach compared to 4% of the oldest SMEs.

Not surprisingly, where decision makers were aged under 35, 65% said a traditional High Street bank was not the first place they would go for funding. This contrasts with decision makers aged 55 and over, where it was just under 30%.

Sectors such as IT, telecoms and marketing, which are traditionally knowledge or service-based are those leading the way in moving towards alternative finance providers.

Worryingly, 30% of SMEs who were rejected by their first-choice lender, stopped searching for external funding altogether. This suggests that many businesses, of whom 55% said high street banks were the first lender approached, are potentially giving up when there are suitable alternatives available.

This demonstrates that more still needs to be done to highlight the range of alternative finance providers in the marketplace.

Tackling Late Payment, Thin Cats Funding and Barclays Brexit Workshops – BFB 246

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To start our latest Bulletin, a call from the FSB for the Chancellor to take a tough stance on late payment. With the annual Spring Statement a few weeks away, the FSB is seeking three commitments from the government to tackle late payment.

To support small businesses in need of finance, we have news from the British Business Bank that its subsidiary, British Business Investments, has made £20m available to alternative lender Thin Cats. Could you use a slice of that funding?

No Bulletin would be the same without the mention of that ‘B’ word! To close, an announcement from Barclays that is it to hold a series of Brexit Workshops across the UK in March to help business owners plan ahead.

If you would prefer to listen to the podcast version you can click below or download to listen to later via our Soundcloud, Stitcher or itunes channel.

Alternative Finance & Institutional Investors, Cost of Late Payment and Open Banking – BFB 239

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When the alternative finance providers entered the market to satisfy small businesses demand for finance, it was personal investors who provide the cash. We are now seeing institutional investors taking serious interest in the sector with announcements of tie-ups from Funding Circle and Thin Cats.

As well as holding back growth, late payment can have a costly impact on small businesses. BACS, the payment service provider, has taken a look at how late payment can affect small businesses, both in terms of cash and other knock-on effects.

To close this Bulletin, news from short-term lender Iwoca, which has announced agreements with another two major High Banks to utilise the benefits of Open Banking. Another step forward in speeding up access to finance.

If you would prefer to listen to the podcast version you can click below or download to listen to later via our Soundcloud, Stitcher or itunes channel.

Rise of the Peer-to-Peer Lenders Continues

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Posted on 04.02.2014, by Rob Warlow

New figures released reveal that peer-to-peer lending (P2P) increased by 121 per cent during 2013.

The report published by the Peer-to-Peer Finance Association (P2PFA) shows that cumulative lending at the end of quarter four in 2013 hit £843 million compared to just £381 million at the end of 2012.

The report further reveals that at the end of 2013 there were over 3,700 business borrowers, 70,000 consumer borrowers as well as more than 86,000 active lenders.

The data has been supplied by Zopa and Ratesetter who service the individual/personal market and Funding Circle, Thin Cats and LendInvest. With many other providers in the market the actual figure will be higher, although these are the major players so constitute the majority of deals.

With the P2P platforms set for regulatory oversight by the Financial Conduct Authority from 1st April the alternative lending market is going to be set for further growth this year.


What Our Clients Say

  • Further to your recent presentation at LEAD Wales just wanted to say it was very refreshing to see somebody talk passionately and positively about finance, very insightful!

    Kay Hyde | Hyde & Hyde Architects
  • Rob delivered a series of 3 workshops aimed at understanding how finance houses look at finance propositions with the aim for us as a team to deliver more of a bespoke offering to our customer base. The training was delivered to a mixture of staff who work with new businesses start-ups and existing established businesses across Mid & South West Wales. Rob delivered the training with an abundance of passion and has really helped my team look at financial propositions in a different light, many thanks again Rob and I look forward to work with you in the near future.

    Shayne Yates | Welsh Government Regional Centre Service Mid Wales
  • I wanted to thank you for such an insightful, energetic, and entertaining talk at the Kevin Green Wealth event on securing funding and creating a successful plan. It was brilliantly executed and a pleasure to listen to and the ideas I’ve learned are definitely going to help me in going forward.

    Max Cooper of Manchester
  • Hi Rob, it was so interesting and entertaining listening to you at the Kevin Green Wealth Coach Workshop in Reading this weekend! I didnt realise you can find Finance proposals such fun!. Brilliant tips! Thanks.

    Gaz Jabeen | Bollywood Burn Out
  • Rob kindly agreed to attend the recent Pontypridd RFC sponsors networking evening and delivered what can only be described as an excellent talk on 5 Tactics to Boost Your Business and Your Profits. He kept the audience engaged throughout and the feedback from everyone was excellent. Rob is very knowledgeable on business and finance and on top of that is a genuine nice guy. We hope to have him back at a future event and I have no hesitation in recommending Rob’s services.

    Angela Holloman-Coombes | Connective HR

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