Start Up Loans Milestone, Measures to Tackle Late Payment and Excess Working Capital – BFB 263

Start ups can find it challenging to raise finance but since 2012 the Start Up Loans Company has filled the gap. We open our latest Bulletin by looking at a new milestone they have reached in terms of loans disbursed to start up businesses. The government continues to ramp up its focus on tackling the […]

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Small Businesses vs Big Businesses, Asset Finance Activity and FreeAgent Open Banking – BFB 262

To open our latest Bulletin a look at a new survey from Menzies LLP which sheds light on how small businesses feel about their larger counterparts. Whilst there may be disadvantages to being small, the survey reveals several positives when it comes to competition. We take our monthly look at activity levels in the Asset […]

June 15, 2019 / Comments Off
Support for Exporters, New Peer to Peer Regulations and Lender Partnerships – BFB 261

In order to boost exports, we open our latest Bulletin by looking at a new range of advice and financial support being provided by UK Export Finance. The new support packages are particularly designed to encourage small businesses to become first-time exporters. The Financial Conduct Authority has issued revised regulations for the Peer to Peer […]

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Bank Transfer Scam Refunds, Lendy in Administration and Business Confidence – BFB 260

Many individuals and small businesses have fallen victim to Authorised Push Payment scams. APPs are they are commonly referred to is where people are tricked into sending money to scammer’s bank account. To open this week’s Bulletin, we look at a new voluntary code 8 banks have signed up to which promises to refund lost […]

June 1, 2019 / Comments Off
Aldermore Bank’s 10th Anniversary, Personal Guarantee Insurance and Late Payment Call Out- BFB 259

The credit crunch in 2008 was the start of the rise of the so-called Challenger Banks. This month, one of those early entrants, Aldermore Bank, celebrates its 10th anniversary. To open our latest Bulletin, we take a look at Aldermore’s achievements over the last 10 years. When borrowing via a Limited Company, one downside is […]

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Bed and Breakfast Refurbishment Finance

Great to have helped another growing business.

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SME Banking Competition, Reviewing Financial Information and High Growth Tech Funding – BFB 258

To open our latest Bulletin, a look at the announcement from the Banking Competition Remedies team of three new awards made smaller banks looking to challenge the SME banking status quo. What will the recipients do with their share of the £80 million awarded? In these Bulletins we often consider why it’s important to know […]

May 18, 2019 / Comments Off
British Business Bank Development Finance, Credit4 SME Finance and Asset Finance Statistics – BFB 257

Smaller property developers can find it a challenge when it comes to raising finance. To kickstart the latest Bulletin we look at the initial announcement from the British Business Bank on its ENABLE Build Guarantee which will focus on assisting smaller property developers access finance. Credit4 is a niche lender supporting small businesses in need […]

May 11, 2019 / Comments Off
Prompt Payment Code, Knowing Your Numbers, and Company Insolvencies – BFB 256

With increasing focus being given to tackling late payment, we open our latest Bulletin with news of tough actions taken by the Prompt Payment Code organisation to ensure its members adhere to guidelines. A survey on how many business owners have a grip on their financial performance and key indicators reveals that many have a […]

May 4, 2019 / Comments Off
Iwoca Rivals High Street Banks, Business Investment Appetite and NatWest Growth Funding – BFB 255

Over the years this Bulletin has been going we have chartered the rise of the alternative lenders. We kick off by looking at how one of those lenders Iwoca, has started to beat some of the traditional High Street banks in the provision of short-term funding. A new survey undertaken by Santander has exposed the […]

April 27, 2019 / Comments Off

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