How Do Banks Assess Your Finance Request? The CAMPARI Framework – Part 2

Once again, as we’re in the middle of the holiday season, we’re still on our brief break in our usual weekly Bulletins. Following on from last week’s look at “How Do Banks Assess Your Finance Request?”, we now move on to Part 2. As outlined in Part 1, when applying for business finance, it’s useful […]

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How a Bridging Loan Helped Save a Business

Have you ever wondered how a Bridging Loan can help a business? Last week we demonstrated exactly how such a finance facility can be used by helping a business secure its future. BLS’ Sue Lewis was approached by an Accountant asking if she could help his client. The business was faced with an uncertain future […]

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How Do Banks Assess Your Finance Request? The CAMPARI Framework – Part 1

When applying for business finance, it would be useful to understand what lenders are looking for. In this first of videos, I will be sharing a framework which guides banks when assessing a finance request. Understanding the framework, referred to as CAMPARI, means you can be better prepared when presenting your request. In Part One, […]

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Buy To Let Mortgages – Important Changes to Borrowing Assessment

Here is a useful overview from Shawbrook Bank on the changes being implemented on 30th September 2017 in respect of Buy to Let mortgages for those landlords holding more than four properties. The changes, which are being brought in by the Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA), will make it more onerous in terms of the information […]

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Business Loan APRs, Businesses in Financial Distress, and Peer to Peer Lending Figures – BFB Epsd 180

A year after a Competition and Markets Authority report on transparency in the finance services market, lenders to small businesses are now required to quote an APR on lower value loans. Will it help boost competition? More evidence that businesses are beginning to feel the strain with the latest Red Flag Alert report from Begbies […]

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Small Business Challenges, Finance Raising Feedback and Keyman Insurance Cover – BFB Epsd 179

Early signs are coming through that some small business owners are beginning to experience a downturn. To start this Bulletin, we review the latest survey from Bibby Financial Services as part of its regular SME Confidence Tracker series which sets out a number of challenges business owners say they are facing. When it comes to […]

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British Business Bank SME Support, Funding Circle & Just Eat, and FSB Late Payment Help – BFB Epsd 178

The British Business Bank, which was established to improve small business access to finance, has issued its latest Annual Report. In our latest Bulletin, we take a look at the progress the Bank has made over the last 12 months. Alternative lenders are being increasingly quirky in how they tap into new markets to offer […]

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Export Finance, Access to Finance Review and Tackling Late Payment Progress – BFB Epsd 177

With the government keen to boost exports, UK Export Finance has announced a new support initiative to help improve the flow of finance to exporters. To open the Bulletin, we look at how it will work and which other businesses will benefit. Access to finance remains a hot topic. We share findings and suggestions from […]

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Prompt Payment Code, Rise in Invoice Discounting & Tax Return Information – BFB Epsd 176

The government is keen to be seen to be playing its part in tackling late payment and we start this Bulletin with an announcement that a large number of government’s key suppliers have signed up to the Prompt Payment Code. With banks increasingly reluctant to hand out overdrafts, how are businesses managing cashflow? It seems […]

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Hire Purchase Made Easy, Business Confidence and Saying ‘No’ to Contracts – BFB Epsd 175

A popular source of finance to fund the purchase items such as plant and machinery is Asset Finance but businesses are often put off by its perceived complexity. In this Bulletin, we look at a new streamlined Hire Purchase application process launched by Hitachi Capital designed to make the task easier. We live in uncertain […]

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