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A Short Term Business Loan Can Ease a Cashflow Problem

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For more information on short term business loans and whether it can work for you, simply contact us for a no-obligation chat.

So Why Exactly Did Your Bank Say ‘No’?

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It can be frustrating when you are in desperate need of finance to expand your business and you get a resounding ‘no’ from your bank.

Why have they refused?

Very often it’s a reason which, if you had known about at the start of the process, you could easily have addressed.

The old saying ‘forewarned is forearmed’ is very apt in this case.

In this podcast BLS’s Rob Warlow talks about the 7 reasons why a bank would say ‘no’. Take notes and get yourself prepared for the next encounter with your bank!

Cashflow Problems? A Short Term Business Loan May be the Answer

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For many businesses, certain times of the year can be a struggle when it comes to juggling cashflow; you may be a seasonal business, you have a growing list of overdue invoices and to cap it all you may be faced with your quarterly VAT bill or personal and business tax.

What can you do?

Whilst chasing overdue payments is a given it’s easier said than when your customers may be facing exactly the same cashflow crunch that you are.

One little know option is to look at a short term loan.

Short term loans are ideal way of quickly replenishing cash to cover outstanding creditors, Corporation Tax, VAT, PAYE or NI arrears. They can also be used to supplement your working capital requirement to allow you to purchase stock upfront with cash, thereby potentially allowing you to negotiate better terms.

Short term loans can be granted very quickly with a minimal amount of information. Decisions are based on the quality of your credit file, the operation of your bank account and past financial performance.

If your application is approved then funds can typically be released within 24 hours, sometimes the same day. Short term loans are for periods from one month upwards with flexible repayment terms and can either be repaid daily or monthly.

The speed of decision and access to funds does come at a cost in terms of a higher interest rate and fees than you may be used to but these can be offset against the speed of decision and swift access to the funds.
If you’re in need of cash boost and want to know more then get in touch and we can chat through your options.

How to Calculate Your Overheads to Sales Ratio

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We continue our look at how you can calculate ratios from your Financial Statements with the Overheads to Sales Ratio.

This ratio will highlight how efficient you are in running your business and help identify red flags where your costs may be running away.

Here are other videos in this series on calculating ratios:
Debtor Days Ratio
Creditor Days Ratio
Stock Turnover Ratio
Gross Profit Margin

Getting a Business Loan: Your Contribution

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When getting a business loan to finance your growth plans your bank will want to see a contribution from you. In this clip Business Loan Services’ Rob Warlow explains why this is important for both the bank and your business.

Why Your Bank Said No: Lack of Financial Information

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Has your bank said ‘no’ to your business finance request?

One reason could be that you have no financial information or it’s out of date. In this interview, BLS’ Rob Warlow explains why you need to have financial information in order to access finance.

Getting a Business Loan: The Pitch

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Getting a business loan is not only down to having a solid Business Plan but also about you; the bank is giving a business loan to you, not just your business. And this is where the pitch comes in.

Your business loan pitch is your opportunity to present both your business and yourself.

In this clip from a live seminar Rob Warlow from Business Loan Services shares ideas on getting the pitch right.

Finding Business Finance

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Understanding Financial Statements: How to Calculation Financial Ratios to Boost Your Profits

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Annual Financial Statements and the information they contain can be a mystery for many business owners. However, if you know how to read your Accounts and how to calculate certain ratios they can be a goldmine for any business owner looking to improve their financial performance.

Not only that, because your bank will also be checking these ratios you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to raising business finance.

In this podcast Business Loan Services’ Rob Warlow takes you step-by-step on how to calculate and use these ratios, Debtor Collection Days, Creditor Payment Days, Stock Turnover and Gross Profit Margin Percentage.

You can also listen in via itunes and Stitcher.

Applying for Business Finance: It’s Not Just Your Business…It’s You

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When applying for business finance many business owners think that the bank is only interested in the performance of their business, but this is not the case.

In this clip from a live seminar BLS’s Rob Warlow reveals why, when assessing your finance request, the bank is just as interested in you as in your business.


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  • Rob kindly agreed to attend the recent Pontypridd RFC sponsors networking evening and delivered what can only be described as an excellent talk on 5 Tactics to Boost Your Business and Your Profits. He kept the audience engaged throughout and the feedback from everyone was excellent. Rob is very knowledgeable on business and finance and on top of that is a genuine nice guy. We hope to have him back at a future event and I have no hesitation in recommending Rob’s services.

    Angela Holloman-Coombes | Connective HR
  • Further to your recent presentation at LEAD Wales just wanted to say it was very refreshing to see somebody talk passionately and positively about finance, very insightful!

    Kay Hyde | Hyde & Hyde Architects
  • Hi Rob, it was so interesting and entertaining listening to you at the Kevin Green Wealth Coach Workshop in Reading this weekend! I didnt realise you can find Finance proposals such fun!. Brilliant tips! Thanks.

    Gaz Jabeen | Bollywood Burn Out
  • Rob delivered a series of 3 workshops aimed at understanding how finance houses look at finance propositions with the aim for us as a team to deliver more of a bespoke offering to our customer base. The training was delivered to a mixture of staff who work with new businesses start-ups and existing established businesses across Mid & South West Wales. Rob delivered the training with an abundance of passion and has really helped my team look at financial propositions in a different light, many thanks again Rob and I look forward to work with you in the near future.

    Shayne Yates | Welsh Government Regional Centre Service Mid Wales
  • I wanted to thank you for such an insightful, energetic, and entertaining talk at the Kevin Green Wealth event on securing funding and creating a successful plan. It was brilliantly executed and a pleasure to listen to and the ideas I’ve learned are definitely going to help me in going forward.

    Max Cooper of Manchester

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